The little things that made me happy :)


 Yaaaaaay~ fanarts for my second cosplay, Monomi from Super Danganronpa 211

I received the first one around December last year, just a day or two after the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special held last Dec. 28-29, 2013. I was totally speechless when the person who gave me that sent the picture to me saying like, “Hey, you look so cute in that costume. Here’s the fanart I specially made for you. I hope you liked it, but if ever you want it to be posted, please don’t mention my name or tell them I’m the one who did it.” Since it was my first time receiving one, I got very excited to post it afterwards, and yeah, it totally made me happy. :))))

The second one was made by my special friend, Abigail, she had it drawn yesterday and gave it to me yesterday as well. We are supposed to be having English class the time she was doing that, but since our teacher wasn’t around, we talked about lots of other stuff instead, while I was talking and talking about how boring it was that time, I kinda didn’t notice she was copying Monomi’s picture on my notebook :O and by that time, when I looked at her paper, though she’s just starting yet, I was so amazed already that is why I made it easier for her to see the picture by holding the notebook closer to her. It came out sooooo nice, I also loved the way she colored it and everything. It’s just so perfect. ❤ 

Again, I thank you guys who made me these drawings :))))) 



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