A Tactical Decision

3rd place Editorial writing

That was the title I had for my entry in the last Division Secondary School Press Conference and Contest held at Fort Bonifacio Elementary School last September 5. I didn’t really expect I was going to win since the category I was a representative of (editorial writing) is not the category I am most comfortable with. In fact, the moment our trainer told me I’ll be the delegate for editorial writing, I immediately thought of backing out; but instead of doing so, I just told myself that maybe the reason why I was put in that category was because our trainer is confident that I can write a best one. During the competition, I felt really nervous, especially that the topic given to us is a topic in which I am not familiar with 😭 Thank God that before the writing part itself, they let us watch a tv report about the issue, so I took that opportunity to grab every information I will need for my editorial. Then, when it was the time to write, I just trusted myself and asked for God’s guidance for I know that He’ll help me with everything. When I was about to write the last word of my editorial, I felt so happy that I survived and that I was able to think of a good title immediately. I never really asked God to make me win the competition, all I wanted was to be able to finish my entry and survive the competition. That is why, I am really thankful to my trainer, my classmates, my friends who supported me and told me that I can do it, and last but not the least, to God, for guiding me throughout the contest and for this blessing He gave me. 🙂


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