Gratefulness and Contentment

I thank God for waking me up today. For giving me another day, another chance to live. The moment I woke up, I was surprised by the huge feast we had for breakfast. I was able to make myself full. Then, my grandma also prepared my lunchbox with two separate pieces of bread. It’s not everyday that I get to east breakfast before going to school and have my baon. That was why, just from those, I already felt that today will be a good and blessed day. It was already a little late when I left the house, so I immediately rode a jeepney to school. While on my way, a child stepped in the jeepney and asked for alms. He was a little boy, has an age ranging from between 8-10 maybe who was very thin, smelly, and has a skin full of dirt. It was very evident that maybe he has been spending his everyday, from day to night , stepping in jeepneys and asking passengers for alms. He gave each passenger, including me, a small torn-into-half envelope into which we are to put the coins we’ll be giving. I held tight to it. At the back part, there was a message saying, “Pangkain lang po.” Still , most of the people ignored the envelope, to the point that one actually fell and flew outside of the jeepney. As for myself, I have been used to not giving alms to beggars, not because I have nothing to give but because my grandparents had told me not to for it would just mean tolerating them work and ask for food and money, instead. But, one thing that struck me was when an old lady, sitted beside me gave him her brown bag of bread; i knew because of the smell. She also told the boy, “God bless, nak,” and smiled at him. My heart felt relieved after seeing that. However, in the end, I still wasn’t able to give anything. At some point , I wanted to just give him the pieces of bread on my lunchbox but my grandparents’ reminder held me back. Before the boy stepped out, he checked every envelope but he got nothing, the only thing he has as he went down was the bag of bread.

As my journey to school proceeded, I came to realize how lucky I was that I am able to eat at least twice a day. How I am very blessed that I have at least my grandparents  with me who are always here to guide and help me. Honestly, my life, according to others is miserable, for my family is broken, I am not living with my parents and that my relatives don’t know where to get the payment needed for my tuition fee. But still, I am very lucky to be able to continue schooling.

That very scene in the jeepney dealt so much impact on me. I should have given him alms, I should have given him at least my two bread I have. I felt so much regret because of that. I can’t help myself from thinking how the boy should be able to survive for the following days, or how he can actually survive this day when all he has was the bag of bread. I also asked myself where his parents are or if someone as kind as that old lady would give him something he can consume to settle for a day. In the end, I felt very much grateful, too. I have learned that I should not just take things for granted and be thankful even for the little things He has offered me for there are lots of things I am enjoying right now that others can’t even afford to have or will never be able to experience.

This was written last February 15,2016. Never had time to update this blog xD 😊


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