Am I the only one having a hard time opening myself up to anyone? Sure, I do know I can easily distinguish people I can trust from people I cannot, but it’s still never going to be easy. Mainly because I am afraid of not being understood. There have been many times when I told other people the story of my life and all they had to say was they experience the same way. Am I the only one who actually gets annoyed by that?  I feel like, yeah, we may have experienced the same thing but you can still not know how I feel right now. And there are some people who would say,”It’s okay, everything’s gonna be alright.” Like that helps even a bit 😦 In my current situation I no longer think everything’s going to be actually okay. I feel like I am cursed to suffer all throughout my life. Encouraging words are nice but please do not think I’ll feel better from those. It’s not helping me in any way. It makes me feel worse since I only just realize that you can say that because you are not in my situation. Yeah, it’s gonna be alright for you, because you have many people to help you. But you will never know how I feel.


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