things i do not deserve :(

I know at times like these, I should just be thankful and show my gratefulness but seeing how people even thought of me when they can buy things for themselves makes me feel guilty. I do not deserve being treated this way for I know in myself that I have failed being a friend/pal/buddy/older sis/girlfriend. I am sorry for not being able to return the favor by giving them something they would enjoy as well but I know, by the time I had a more productive life, I would remember them big time and consider making them happy too instead of only making myself one.

I may not have a very comfortable life right now but I am sure blessed with friends and people who care a lot for me and are concern about my own welfare and that’s something more than what I deserve 😦

I love you all! Thank you so much for everything. You guys will be in my heart forever.


>pic related :Casdffghbj



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