A true stuggle

That feeling when I was asked to speak up and give an announcement to the whole student body

[during the assembly]
Me: //hyperventilates (lol) *whispers to self* Okay lang yan Sarah, kaya mo yan whooo

……a teacher told me that she’ll say something as well and told me to wait until she’s done XD

Me: Yes! 1 minute to calm down. [heavy breathing] Grabe, okay okay, kaya ko to, mamamatay na ako TT____TT bibilisan ko lang para matapos na agad Bakit kasi ako pa? How will I do this? How should I start? How am I supposed to say it? I hope my grammar is correct [screams internally]

….teacher gives me the microphone

Me: [mind explodes] *gets the mic, smiles, and delivers the announcement*

I hope they understood what I said :< </3 I will never be good in speaking in public


Anecdote (The Bread)

(((I only have 50 pesos in my wallet a while ago and I had to ride a jeepney and tricycle on my way home so I have to spend my money wisely)))

Me: *at a certain bakery to buy my FAVORITE bread*
[A wild grade 7 student from idkwhatschool appeared]
Him: Ate, ————- ——- (wasn’t able to hear what he said bc hearing problems :<) *touches my hair*
((I thought he was complimenting my hair so yeah, I didn’t mind him))
Me: *giggles* *gets my favorite bread* *picks up change*

Just when I was about to leave, open and savour the goodness of my fave bread…..
Him: Ate, pahingi naman po ng barya, wala po kasi akong baon
Me: *insert shocked face* (thinks na yun ata yung sinabi nya kanina OwO) Halaaaa, ayun ba yung sabi mo kanina? o__o
Him: *nods* Kahit po limang piso lang
Me: *gives my bread instead + 10 pesos*
Him: Thank you po talaga ate!~

I kinda hesitated to give my FAVORITE bread since that bread really makes me happy but after seeing how he got so happy because of what I gave, I felt happy as well. It’s really a nice feeling to help others even in a little way :< I’m sorry dear, that’s all Sarah-senpai can give right now.

A Tactical Decision

3rd place Editorial writing

That was the title I had for my entry in the last¬†Division Secondary School Press Conference and Contest held at Fort Bonifacio Elementary School last September 5. I didn’t really expect I was going to win since the category I was a representative of (editorial writing) is not the category I am most comfortable with. In fact, the moment our trainer told me I’ll be the delegate for editorial writing, I immediately thought of backing out; but instead of doing so, I just told myself that maybe the reason why I was put in that category was because our trainer is confident that I can write a best one. During the competition, I felt really nervous, especially that the topic given to us is a topic in which I am not familiar with ūüė≠ Thank God that before the writing part itself, they let us watch a tv report about the issue, so I took that opportunity to grab every information I will need for my editorial. Then, when it was the time to write, I just trusted myself and asked for God’s guidance for I know that He’ll help me with everything. When I was about to write the last word of my editorial, I felt so happy that I survived and that I was able to think of a good title immediately. I never really asked God to make me win the competition, all I wanted was to be able to finish my entry and survive the competition. That is why, I am really thankful to my trainer, my classmates, my friends who supported me and told me that I can do it, and last but not the least, to God, for guiding me throughout the contest and for this blessing He gave me. ūüôā

Love? No thanks, I prefer happiness :)

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†After¬†having sleepless nights thinking of how I should improve my life, I came into a conclusion that from this day onwards, I must not fall in love with anyone no matter what happens. Why? Well, I thought that I don’t need love for my everyday survival anyway, and by not falling in love with someone, I can prevent myself from having heartachno-anime-kill-la-kill-gif-in-comments_gp_2498981es and this could actually minimize the problems I have in my life. Also, I would be able to¬†prevent damage to other lives; but how does falling in love even damage others lives in the first place? One example is that,¬†when you fell in love with someone, you tend to share others your thoughts about that person, like how he/she made your heart skipped a beat or how he/she gave your stomach butterflies. But then, sooner or later, you’ll tell other people how the person you fell in love to broke your heart, and you’ll just end up regretting falling in love with the person. When this happens, not just you but the¬†person you told your problems to will carry the same burden you are having as well and of course, he/she’ll think of a way to remove those problems away. Imagine? You just gave your pal a problem too. XD

That’s why yeah, I say no to falling in love. :))¬†

The little things that made me happy :)


 Yaaaaaay~ fanarts for my second cosplay, Monomi from Super Danganronpa 211

I received the first one around December last year, just a day or two after the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special held last Dec. 28-29, 2013. I was totally speechless when the person who gave me that sent the picture to me saying like, “Hey, you look so cute in that costume. Here’s the fanart I specially made for you. I hope you liked it, but if ever you want it to be posted, please don’t mention my name or tell them I’m the one who did it.” Since it was my first time receiving one, I got very excited to post it afterwards, and yeah, it totally made me happy. :))))

The second one was made by my special friend, Abigail, she had it drawn yesterday and gave it to me yesterday as well. We are supposed to be having English class the time she was doing that, but since our teacher wasn’t around, we talked about lots of other stuff instead, while I was talking and talking about how boring it was that time, I kinda didn’t notice she was copying Monomi’s picture on my notebook :O and by that time, when I looked at her paper, though she’s just starting yet, I was so amazed already that is why I made it easier for her to see the picture by holding the notebook closer to her. It came out sooooo nice, I also loved the way she colored it and everything. It’s just so perfect. ‚̧¬†

Again, I thank you guys who made me these drawings :)))))